Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thank god for screens

That title up there might just distract me for a second from my original thought for a topic. I'll come back to it.

Look up there, for a second, to the post title. What do you say when you, ahem, don't cotton to the idea* of deities? I went with the non-capitalization, feeling like it's preferable to something acutely awful like "Thank Goddess." I don't know why the alternatives bug me so. Thank Deity. Thank goodness. Thank the lord. Thank heavens. There's just not a secular option that I can come up with. (Thank goodness is the closest, but since it's probably finding its roots as a substitute for the word 'god' I've decided it doesn't count as secular.)

Anyhoo, back on topic.


I've decided to delay turning on the central air for as long as humanly (Stewly) possible. I have ceiling fans in almost every room, and it's still getting cool enough at night that it's not entirely unbearable. And really, I'm not home for most of the day.

Remember, I'm also the one who, when my past roommate moved out, opted to set the thermostat at a nice 60º F and just wear sweaters. I'm hardy that way.

It's been getting up to 90º during the day now, and I'm employing all the right tricks to keep the house cool. Nonetheless, it's a muggy 80º inside. Doable.

I wonder when I'll break.

*Did I use that phrase correctly? I can't readily find an online definition.