Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quick note

• Today is Jamie's birthday. Go tell her happy birthday!

• The farm sitting will not be happening, though I am on a list for future reference. The woman had 40 responses, and will end up using her in-laws, whose property abuts hers, and who changed their plans in order to help out.

• It's poison ivy season again. Last year when I was traveling to Michigan, I broke out in a huge patch of nastiness on the back of my leg. In fact, my littlest nephew said to Pedro last weekend "Hey, remember when Aunt Nen had poison ivy?" Today I have just a few bits of it, on one leg and on one hand, and on a couple parts of my belly.

• I'm going to a pig pickin' today, taking some deviled eggs.

• When I called Michele just now to see what she was wearing, we narrowly averted a potential wardrobe gaffe. Instead of both of us wearing jean skirts with burgundy shirts, I will be wearing a turquoise-ish shirt with a casual linen skirt.

K, that's it. Bubbye.