Monday, May 21, 2007


I think that my Mom once had a narrow pad of paper that stuck on the fridge and was labeled "Chopin Liszt"

I have a new nextdoor neighdog, named Alistair. Very cute to have him wander up and nose me. His dad worries Alistair will pee on my garden beds. I'd be OK with that, if it keeps the cats from shitting in it.

● On Saturday at work I got: ear seeds, a massage and a geranium.

● My nephew, in explaining to me where exactly the deer's position had been, said: "You know Grandma's cage? Well, take twelve paces towards the lake."

● My step grandmother on my Dad's side, aged 97, is soon to leave this world. May she not be in pain in the meanwhile. And may there be all the Coca Cola she should want.

● The local rollerskating club I have a rather distant connection to has a slogan on their cards: "Drama free skate club"

● I like pointers

Raw milk is to pasteurized as a Tillamook cheddar is to Velveeta.

Benadryl is the only thing that works.