Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I love one of Asheville's house reps.

Good news! We won!

For details:

See below the letter an advocacy organization sent me this afternoon.

I was there in the legislature, and it was fabulous. If I can take it, tomorrow I'll write up my impression of the politicking that went on...

Hello Stew,

We don't know if it was the 10,000 E-mails you sent, the thousands of phone calls you made, or the dozens of you who showed up at the hearings, but one way or another YOU made it happen!
Today, May 1, the House Health Committee passed HB 879 -- Modify School Health Education Program!

For the first time in a decade, a bill to bring REAL Sex Education to North Carolina Students is making progress in the House. After the meeting we heard reports from the committee members that they were overwhelmed by the number of phone calls and E-mails they received in support of this essential legislation.

THANK YOU for making today a success.

However, today was only the first step in the journey that a bill takes to become a law. In the coming weeks as this bill is heard elsewhere, we will need the same support and enthusiasm you showed for this first hearing! We know you can do it!

What comes next?

Today the health committee referred HB 879 to an Education Subcommittee, who will review it and make a recommendation to the House. If the committee's recommendation is favorable, the full House of Representatives will decide on this bill before the end of the month.

Some time in the next week we will ask you to contact the Education Subcommittee. As soon as we find out when this bill is scheduled, we will ask you to attend. Look for E-mail from us, and take action whenever and however you can. For right now, share this E-mail with a friend and make sure everyone is in the know about sex ed in NC!

House Bill 879 is YOUR Sex Ed bill and you guaranteed its passage through today's tough health committee meeting. With your continuing hard work, North Carolina students will almost surely get the education they need and the information the deserve to make healthy, lifelong choices about their lives and their bodies!