Sunday, February 25, 2007

Leonard Bernstein!!

Y'all know what tomorrow is? Do ya? Do ya?

My face does. Under my nose, I've got a nice sore lump that promises to be a gorgeous cysty zit. My hair knows, too! Its fancy sleekness begged me for a fast-food haircut last week and I acquiesced. Now it's uneven and choppy in an unintentional way. At least it's still greasy in the morning, because I'd be lost if I didn't have something ordinary to expect.

It's really not all dread though. I've got a healthy amount of excitement flowing through me. I have plans (don't I always have plans!) to make this life transition healthy like I did when I went home to visit my parents. I've been concerned about my body's functionality recently, due to less movement in general and the weight having crept, nay, sprinted up on me over the last couple of years.

The routine should do me well too. I have managed to spend the last bit of time very unmotivated. It might just be that the more you have to do and the less time you have to get it done, the more you actually accomplish. I hope so. So tomorrow I'll report to Capitol City at 10 a.m., having walked for 30 minutes already. I've got a slew of lunches in the freezer from my cooking jag last week, and a trip to Trader Joe's yesterday has replenished the non-freezer items. They're healthful lunches, too!

(Before I say anything else, I want everyone around to know that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like the following band, even though I'll be a little snarky here.)

For once in my life, I have found my own music. Listening to the few songs on the band's myspace page; I made a few observations. I like it because I can understand the lyrics. It's peppy sounding. That means it's pop, yeah? And then by extension it's clearly indie pop. Which doesn't surprise me, because ever since a friend introduced me to both the term and the genre while I was in college, I've liked that sound.

Anyway, the album begins with a song called When I Wake, and ends with one called When I Sleep. Brilliant, observant me listened to the songs side by side before looking at the track listing and thought, MY GOD this is a repetitive sounding band! My other observation was that they kind of reminded me of a boy band (God, I bet they'd hate that comparison!!)

Here are some places to hear them.

Watch this and tell me I'm not right about the boy band comparison!

Conclusion: I love The Changes, and they're going to hate me because of this so-called review. Darren, Dave, Rob and Jonny? Please don't hate me! If you come to my area, I promise I'll go see you. Right now the closest I can tell you are coming is about 2.5 hours southwest from where I live. And then you'll be going about 3 hours from me, but on the OTHER side of the state. You're very cute, too.