Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Don't ever be the first to give a number

Potential Employer: Thank you for your interest in our position. Can you share with me your salary requirements?

Stew: Thank you for responding so quickly! I truly am thrilled at the
prospect of speaking to you more at length about the position.

My salary requirements are flexible; I consider compensation to be a
total package of salary plus benefits, both tangible and intangible.
I trust that Teen Health Center will offer a living wage. That said, my last
position paid $XY,000/year.

PE: Our upper range for compensation for this position would be somewhere in the vicinity of $(X-1)(Y+5),000 but we do offer full benefits, a flexible schedule, and a rewarding work environment! If this interests you and the salary is acceptable, I'd be pleased to discuss our situation further.


It's good to feel wanted. I applied for three, count them THREE excellent long-term career-type possibilities today. I'm glad I'm a shoe-in for this one, cause it made me feel good. My cover letter was hilariously confident, without going too far over the top. "I'm certain that I'd be a perfect match blahdiddy blah blah."