Sunday, January 14, 2007

2 random 2 B put off 4 2 long

This just in. If I marry I won't have a traditional wedding or reception. I want the county court and two witnesses. And then a party, but maybe not right away. I'm getting ahead of myself, since I am not seeing anyone. But I know many a woman who dreamed about her wedding from age 12 on. I am not that woman. Let it be known.

In other news, I really like to drink Milk. Skim is the default; 2% is for when I'm feeling decadent. Whole milk, aka Vitamin D milk, aka homo milk*, if drunk, must be ICY cold or it's intolerable.

That's all.

(Delurk! Please make a comment if you don't usually. You just have to say HI. I mean it. BRENNA, IS THAT YOU???)

*Am I hallucinating or did people call the homogenized, red-capped, vitamin D-fortified, whole milk by all these names when I was young?