Saturday, December 6, 2008

Soup Soup Soup

Ya know, sometimes I think the best recipes are ones that you just kind of end up making, with little forethought and less second-guessing.

I got some kale and napa cabbage at the market today. My body is telling me it needs greens, dammit. When I got home, I figured I'd make a white bean soup. There are no white beans in the pantry. Black beans? Maybe.

Chop chop chop up ~1/2 cup onion.
Mince mince mince a clove of garlic.
Dice dice dice a small stalk of celery.
Cut cut cut the kale ribs into tiny pieces.

Sautee it all in a small amount of oil.

Remember you have some smoked sausage in the freezer. Excellent. Slice slice slice it up and toss on the sauteed veggies. Hack hack hack up the rest of the kale, and add it in. Add some water. Stir in some higher-quality bouillon since you don't have stock. If you do have stock, use that instead, of course.

Taste. Needs spice. Hot pepper from freezer, aw yeah.

Huh. I wonder what apples would be like? Cube cube cube a Gala. Whomp it in, too.





No beans. None. Pure veggies, smoked sausage and broth. Hits the spot. Will be even better tomorrow, yes it will.