Sunday, November 16, 2008


My darling friend the Peaceable Imperatrix put up a to-d0 list yesterday, which has inspired me. I think I especially like the way she sprinkled fun things in there to lighten it all up.

So here's mine. Pardon me if I put some done items on to make me feel better.

• Volunteer.
• Turn mulch pile.
• Fork excess mulch off front yard and wheelbarrow to the back.
• Eat the two red raspberries I find.
• Make a scarf.
• Read Prodigal Summer cover-to-cover.

• Clean up scraps of felted wool. in progress
• Put away large stash of felted sweaters.
• Put away sewing machine and accessories.
• Clean bathroom. (trash out, tidy, clean toilet, clean sink/vanity, clean shower)
• Put away dishes in kitchen.
• Put away laundry. In progress
• Find appropriate summer clothes for trip next week. (!!!!! YAY!!!!!) in progress. (Thanks Roommate, for sharing my size and letting me borrow things)
• Go look at neighbor's house.
• Put away yarn stash.

• Clean out car.
• Shower.
• Brush teeth.
• Shave legs.
• Find passport.
(I don't think it's lost. I just want to make sure.)


First update: 11:48 a.m. Things I added:
• Find books to take to St. Martin. in progress
• Put chili in freezer in ziplock bags flattened out,
• Do laundry. in progress
• Pay water bill
• Calculate utilities for Roommate.

Second update: