Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Stew

There's a website I participate on, and someone there built a tool that will put randomize a new comment based on what you've said before. I've decided to create a post with it. (And no, I never said anything about hating anyone, much less chinese folks!)

Cried. Couldn't finish it. Can someone point me to an ophthalmologist anyway... I was just overwhelming. Ramps are almost in season! Make ramp ice cream! Well, if y'all had fun! Oooooh. Warblers make me cringe. Hm. Looks like I'll try some of our overweight patients, and she, too, was aghast. Yes, she knows he's an excellent driver. She knows that there's no problem with. A is my dream. I just made me gag. Eating something actually seemed to help, in that they don't meet all of that keyboard, damn it.

I am so sad I missed this. Though I did it. It soothed me, that I saw my own 11/12. I felt like nothing will work. I tried to change the "signal type" from the get-go, would be so nostalgia-inducing?? I'm totally going to concentrate on The first fish I had one I've wanted to bring them Clinique skin products.

Thank you thank you! I am bothered by the tight clasp the clapper had. Thanks for reminding me how much I like to use, and they need to also." "It's not safe to leave the doors unlocked." "The door needs to be allergy related. When I actively try NOT to "stomp", the only way I can find that's structurally sound and not located in a fortune cookie factory! I actually hate old Chinese people!

(that wasn't meant to be locked when we're not here or sleeping" "I'll be locking the door, and you need (locked room) and not as much information from her side when the only restaurant that I didn't find anything specifically about petroleum jelly, but this tidbit of info about olive oil and vinegar (also a stretch) sugar and spice steak and potatoes brats and beer fruit and nuts pancakes and syrup nuts and bolts

The spermicides, such as the right hand side of my head), (keyword:s Ceceo or seseo). If other things do, and so on, until maybe there's more concern about the puzzle piece type of scavenger hunt, but since I'd like to look at some of the night to cry to him about it, and you might especially like this off the ground and create a strategic plan for how you look at it). Hound the landlord. Explain that the constant NPR in the world than her looks.

I just dabbed a bit creeped out.

I second birding. You can flip if you have to. Don't know what to plant something like that, and THEN at least 20 years, for at least this one or two people dominate.

A local birding listserv I'm on recently pointed this Sibley Guides article, that talks about using a condom on and using the remote to press source doesn't seem to have this kind of humming and hawing to myself about the possible tools they have been about a year, but had always been called that, so it really touched me. I was so freaked out.

So seriously, the saltines with some folks on the back. Actually, pat yourself on the keyboard) It is huge, to be there any tradition/law about children chewing/eating paan? (Sorry for such ignorance on my wrists and rubbed them together.

(this is the best one, i think:)

I wanna experience an earthquake! Not too bad of one, half dozen of the gym-teacher style. Wiith pork chop pockets! And a cold sweat and puking. I called the property management company and explained that it looks like it scraped the phlegm off. Currently I have to act on it.