Friday, August 1, 2008

Rand (om)

  • I got up at 5 a.m. for the third day running!
  • That makes me an early bird!
  • I like birds!
  • It's going to be migration in Michigan!
  • Coffee is a great way to wake up, but when that's not available, tea tastes good, too!
  • You can spend your 4-hour layovers at the Cincinnati airport with free wireless!
  • And beer! (Not free.)
  • I saw Emily last night!
  • She gave me presents!
  • One contained the phrase "Brass Cupcake!"
  • Also: "His finger looked like an uncooked enchilada"!
  • I can't decide whether the exclamation point goes inside or out of quotes in the above two points!
  • She also gave me a companion piece to FOJ and Paster of Paree Mary!
  • There are a lot of cool things coming up for this buhcayshun!
  • Like Grandma!
  • And seeing the skinny Daddy!
  • And snugglin' the boys!
  • And Stella Bella!
  • And maybe a rendezvooz with an old friend!
  • A dog will be part of the household when I return!
  • I'm mildly dreading the transition from living alone to being bombarded with people and talking!
  • I get to