Sunday, August 17, 2008


Whoa. Fall planting has crept up on me. It's hard to remember that August is the time to start everything from a second planting of summer squash and cukes to cold weather greens. Yikes.

The problem with my minuscule garden space is that I often have to rip things out in order to fit the new season's crop. Eggplants are already out, as are the cukes. Figuring out the logistics of ripping out my non-productive tomatoes while still supporting the sungold is going to break me.

To plant--today? Beets, carrots, cukes, greens, radishes, summer squash and turnips. To plant when the supply store opens and I can get to it: Brussels sprouts*, cabbage, broccoli.


*Why, yes, I AM a glutton for punishment!