Monday, August 25, 2008


The small project yesterday ended up being my bedroom. I didn't finish it entirely, but I did make the bed, put away the laundry and pick things up off the floor. That was nice.

You know how sometimes certain problems seem like such a pain in the ass that they're not really worth dealing with? Until the annoyance/inconvenience overtakes the difficulty of the problem, well, I often put things off that are hard. Many times the hard thing *is* really hard. Other times, though, it's less difficult than it may have appeared at first.

Since I got back from MI, I've been without audio for my commute. Somewhere along the line of charging me $1200 for various maintenance work, the mechanics must have pulled the battery, which made my stereo decide it had been stolen. I made a couple of half-hearted inquiries about how to fix it. The manual said you need a code. I looked for the code. I didn't find the code. I must not have inherited it from the former owners. I called the shop, and they said you could get the code by calling the company's customer service line if you had the serial number of the stereo. I had no idea where that might be. I figured I'd have to take the stereo out. I didn't relish being on hold, either. No NPR during the hour a day (at minimum) that I'm in the car has been Ugh, but not Ugh enough, apparently. I needed more motivation.

I'd been tossing around the idea of running down to GA for the long weekend, and my recent thoughts have been very UGH at the idea of a 12 hour trip with no distractions. I was leaning towards just not going. But then Jamie emailed, and bingo I had the motivation. I've missed her! I've missed Nemoid! I've missed Bhanu! All those GA folks would be SO FUN to hang out with.

I turned to the internets for help, and for once it was easy. The code was on a sticker inside my glove compartment. Nice.

Friday morning it's off to GA I go!