Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thinking out loud

I went to the grocery store yesterday and the farmer's market this morning. My goal today and tomorrow is to transform the raw ingredients into meals that require little to no cooking at all. It's too damn hot already.

Probably because of the heat, the only things that appealed to me were meant to be served cold. Lots of fruit, veggies, eggs and cheese.

Here's the list:
1 pineapple
2 mangos
6 limes
1 lemon
2 cans chick peas
5 peaches
6 small tomatoes
1 bunch green onions
2 peppers, one green and the other green and yellow all at once.
5 mini cucumbers
2 mini yellow squash
1 mini zucchini
1 gallon skim milk
2 1/2 gallons "light" ice cream (chocolate and vanilla)
1 jar Ovaltine, chocolate malt
2 avocados
1 bag of store-brand fritos
1 block cheddar cheese
1 round smoked mozzarella
1 head red cabbage
4 multi-colored carrots
1 package whole wheat pita
store brand honey nut cheerios
1 dozen farm eggs


Hummus--chickpeas, lemon, tahini, garlic
Serve with pita and/or crudite (carrots, cukes, zucchini, squash, peppers)
Guacamole--avocados, lime, cilantro, onions, tomatoes
Serve with corn chips
Pineapple Mango salad with mint and honey
Caipirinhas, because YUM. Alternately: Mojitos made with cacha├ža.
Cabbage salad with onions, carrots, dressing
Chocolate malt
Cheese, straight up.
Cereal with milk

Time for a breakfast milkshake.