Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crossing fingers...

I put an ad up in Craigslist on Friday, knowing that Roommate is moving to the city where I work, now that he too has a job there. Got a couple of bites. The first one was moving into town to go to Local Private University for grad school. She brought her parents, and the whole thing was very annoying. I told her to let me know, and I expect she thought it wasn't a great match as well.

A couple more canceled, having found their dream home, and I had another potential roomie come by this morning.

She has a dog. A cute as hell, slightly stupid, yellow lab rescue with no psychological issues. The girl herself was fantastic, too. Closer to my age, settled in the area, no drugs, no red flags. I believe strictly in being upfront about any potential conflicts, and as such, for example, didn't clean the house or even my room, so that she'd see the worst case scenario. We clicked immediately, and as she left today she said she'd let me know tomorrow for sure, but that she was pretty sure the answer would be yes.

I believe I have faith in humanity again after Former Roommate from Hell.

Update: She said YES! She said YES! I'm gonna have a DOG!