Saturday, May 3, 2008


Did the CH bird count this morning. Well, half of it, anyway. I stopped when I realized that despite a liberal coating of SPF 30 I was quickly becoming a rotisserie chicken. So I boogied after about only 4 hours.

Birding was slow today, for migration season. Even though I accompanied quite elite birders, there just weren't many birds out. Nonetheless, I got a good look at a number of migrating warblers and sparrows.

Super Meh
White throated Sparrow
Carolina Wren
Eastern Towhee
Carolina Chickadee
American Crow
Turkey Vulture
Canada Goose
Blue Jay

Slightly meh but first of the years
Indigo bunting
Red-eyed vireos (galore)
Blue Grosbeak
White-eyed vireo (nest!!)
Common Yellowthroat
Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
Summer Tanager
Scarlet Tanager

Black and White Warbler
American Redstart
Yellow-breasted Chat

Very cool
Northern Parula (Great long look of it singing)

Possible Lifers (Lost my Sibley's and thus lost my life list)
Swamp Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
Prairie Warbler (Fabulous song!)

There were a ton more seen but not heard, including Blackpoll Warblers. I've probably forgotten quite a few as well.

Swamp Sparrow photo courtesy of the Smithsonian National Zoo.