Thursday, May 8, 2008

Annoying the Mockers

It was raining lightly this morning, and I needed a break from work. So I went to score some hallucinogens. Well, not that I knew that or anything--jeeze, my mom used to encourage me to take them when we'd find the pushers at the farmer's market in good ol' GR.

After all, they were free. Typical marketing; get you good and hooked for free and then raise the price.

Wait. They don't raise the price on this one. What's that about? Maybe they weighed the drug against its beneficial component, Resveratrol. It extends your life! Prevents cancer! Increases your athletic performance! It increases the potency of your HIV antiretroviral drugs! It blocks the flu!*

*NB: I make no claims to the veracity of these statements, other than that I read it on Wikipedia.