Monday, May 5, 2008

All het up

SO! Tomorrow's the first big day of the election here.

I always find voting kind of scary. Who can keep up with every single contest out there? I consider myself pretty aware, but I also know that I've been plugging my ears and shouting LA LA LA LA LA for the last few years in order to maintain my sanity and equilibrium.

Mind you, I've just been avoiding outrage fatigue. I do listen to NPR daily, so I'm not entirely cut off. And being online as much as I am, well, let's just say I do know what's going on, pretty much. Nationally, that is.

Locally, I'm a bit less aware. How do normal (e.g. non-plugged-in-to-local-politics) people make their decisions?

I'll look to some of my normal resources for election decisions sometime before tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, why don't you all try to persuade me to vote for YOUR candidate?