Sunday, April 20, 2008

O Happy Day!

It's starting to rain, and I just heard thunder in the distance. The skies to the southwest are ominously dark, and I have the feeling we're about to get a good soaking.

I drove 200 miles this weekend, mostly while taking part in the CFSA Piedmont Farm Tour. It seems kind of wrong to be driving that much during Earth Day weekend, but the price-per-car made for a lot of carpooling. At least there's that.

Yesterday I volunteered at Braeburn/Cane Creek farm(s).

Ooooh. Wait. It just got really dark and windy. Maybe this is the first thunderstorm! Oh, my, it's battering the maple tree something fierce, and the wind gusts are making the huge drops fall at about a 60ยบ angle. Yup. Thunder.

Ok, back to the story at hand (but it's soooooo awesome to


Wow. The hail is pea-sized and my unplanted tomatoes are flying across the deck. Hm. Maybe I'd better bring in at least the Cherokee Purple seedling (!!!) I picked up at one of the farms today (only $2.50!). Hail seems to be over.

Sorry about that tangent. Anyhoo.... It's great to see some rain, and I'm glad I decided to come home this afternoon after only visiting four farms.

Yesterday, volunteering. Today, touring. Fab weekend, seriously.

Oops the hail is back!! Hang on while I watch it.

FUCK that was close. Jesus. Big thunder.

The hail is now just lemon-seed sized.

Damn, I can't seem to get my attention off of the rain. Maybe I'll write more about this weekend and how great it was after the storm is over.

EDIT: The temperature dropped 10 degrees outside in 2 minutes.
EDIT #2: According to weather underground, the temp actually dropped over 20 degrees in a nearby neighborhood. It was in the mid 70s, but now feels like it's about 50. Of course I don't have a thermometer or anything, so it's hard to tell.