Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend ups and downs

It's just after noon on Sunday and I just got up. Wait. That's not entirely true. I got up at 6 when the grow lights went off, but soon hopped back in bed as though I needed a nap. Six hours later, here I am. feeling gross as hell. Woozy and cloudy and all muzzy inside. I went to bed at 9, so that's a full 15 hours of sleep last night. Bedtime's gonna be a bitch.

The good thing, though, is that my sweet Emily and I met up yesterday morning for a snack/walk/feed the ducks outing, and she had gotten me a valentine. So sweet! She's a very thoughtful friend, that one.

And even better? It was a Mo's Bacon Bar. It never would have occurred to me just how tasty these two of the world's favorite foods could be together.

Behind the bacon bar mask I have raccoon eyes from not taking off makeup before bed and then sleeping 15 hours.

One last thing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURIE!!!!!