Saturday, February 23, 2008

By numbers

Oh my, have I been productive today!!

It's noon. So far I've fully completed two loads of laundry, with one left in the dryer, one in the washer, and likely two more to go. WHAT? I counted 65 pairs of underpants, so it's not like I've been being too gross. (Except for that "can't see the floor of my bedroom" part).

I've also cleared most surfaces in the bedroom and bathroom, which had become overloaded with things that have no home, or who'd been separated from their families, like 36 hair bands* (btw, I don't know when I stopped calling them by their normal name)

While doing all of this, I kept coming up with things I want to do: felt something, get a chest freezer, go on a woodcock walk, buy an iPod charger, see Toby and Janet. The list so far is up to 40.

Somehow while getting all of these things accomplished, I also managed to whomp up some kick-ass lentils and onions from the Indian volume of the Foods of the World series. I substituted jalapeƱo from last summer for the red pepper it called for, upped the cumin seeds, and hoped for the best. Y'all? I even made ghee. Basmati rice to accompany, and I've eaten very well today.

I wonder what else I'll do today? Any ideas?

*Not to be confused with Hair Bands.