Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sicka my mug?

Yeah, so am I. Even though I got somewhat of a perverse pleasure in exhibiting a close-up shot of the un-makeuped, burned lip, wet hair Stew, I can't take it up there much more.

--> I've not completed my to-do lists, but I've made good headway.
--> The new meds are treating me well.
--> I heart Cristin, who had a fantastic long talk with me about Crush. Got some good insights.
--> Work Colleague did not "out" me. Correction on that. Bad wording on my part. I meant I was discovered. Different beast. And it's fine. We emailed a bit today about birds. He, too, had a Cooper's Hawk sighting.
--> Michele ID'd a Great Horned Owl in flight and contends that she's not a real birder. (BS)
--> ETD for fab GA vaycay is ~15-16 hours and counting.
--> Am keeping Crush giddyness in check. Probably a wise move.
--> Crush knows about blog, but I didn't give him a link when he asked. Instead I emailed him a couple of innocuous entries. I doubt he'll google me.
--> I want new bullets for these lists. The arrows are a potential change, but they're still not cool-looking
--> I spent way too much time at work today ordering fake food online for our nutritionist. That's called dedication.
--> My dad is having a gastric bypass on the 3oth.
--> Almost all of the 'rents are retiring all of a sudden, in seemingly unplanned ways.
--> Other friends have big changes in life coming up that's making me root for them.

I'm going on vacation and will see my sweet Nemoid and my sweet Jamie. Woot! bedtime