Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As per usual

My time at Jamie's is more than fantastic. It's such a warm, loving place, their farm, and I can't help but think I'd love to live here with her forever. I'm sure she'd get extremely sick of me after about two weeks. But still.

To show my appreciation (and as some kind of challenge to myself), I crocheted her a scarf in 1.5 hours. All at once. The time flew by. I decided it was an early, early birthday present. It actually turned out quite well. Maybe if I get into it some more I can learn how to read patterns and actually make projects other than scarves.

Actually, this scarf is patterned. It's very lace-esque, like a loose string market bag. Which I think will be my next project. Basically you start with a long chain stitch, as is typical. Then you anchor back a few stitches with a single crochet, chain a bunch more (4 in this case), anchor again, etc. Then for the next row you make a turn stitch, chain four and anchor through the whole loop you've made. Maybe I'll post a picture. Ok, I just did.

And dude. Dinner. Oh My God. Roast leg of lamb with pan-browned potatoes, homemade pita and tzatziki, a carrot/parsnip mash and then broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Veg provided by a guest named Holly Golightly. Crabapple pie for dessert. And breakfast.

I don't want to go hoooooooome.