Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Small town, huh?

My girl Suze and I walked around the Private University's campus loop this evening before heading out to Costco and then Whole Paycheck for dinner and shopping. (Not in that order.)

We chatted and caught up and gossiped all the way around the loop, and basically had a great evening. I heart my sweet Suze. She lives here, but travels for work and pleasure practically 90% of the time. It's great when she's in town and unoccupied.

I regaled her with tales of how incestuous this town is. You know, like the ones where your roommate goes out with someone on a blind date and it turns out you dated her ex. Or when you come home and your roommate's aunt is visiting and it turns out you know her from a class you took. Or when you realize that a guy you once dated is friends with a woman that's now dating a guy you once may have liked, until realizing that he's an ass. That kind of thing.