Sunday, November 18, 2007


Mind you, it took almost 4 hours (!) to oil my change this morning, but I multitasked the waiting with a little hot, class-planning action. And some buying-a-USB cord craziness over at el Rey de la Comida*. And some guilt-reducing parental phone calls. And some fab hardware-setting-up goodness.

And now I have a scanner. I've never had one before. EVER.

So here's a 10-year-old picture of Stew Short Hair from the Barcelona era, as proof that I got my multipurpose print-type device all hooked up.

Now MAYBE I'll eventually put away the enormous and ever-growing pile of clean laundry that shares my bed.


(And tomorrow and tomorrow. For some reason I just remembered one of my fave soliloquies. I used to have it memorized)

*Who'd have guessed they'd carry USB cables??