Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Former (the good one) Roommate!

My friend whose name is not allowed on here is celebrating a milestone birthday today. Not the one I'll be at in a little more than 3 years--the one before that. I had a brainstorm yesterday about how to help make the day a little more fun for him, and I'm just hoping he doesn't hate me!

When I got up this morning I sent an email out to as many people as I know who either know Former Roommate the Good or who know of him, or who know me. Some of you who are reading got this email. I asked them to either call and wish him a Happy Birthday or to email him and do the same. So far my dad, stepmother, and two old friends have done it. (*Update--the total count is now at 5. Heh. **Update the second--many, many more calls/emails. He's not angry, thankfully!)


There's an outside chance that this will just piss him off (especially if he feels his privacy is being violated), but I did tell him that if something weird happened today that it would be my fault. So...

(If you didn't get the email but would like to participate, leave a comment and I'll get you the pertinent info.)

Here's the email I sent, info redacted


Today is my friend
Former Roommate the Good's 30th birthday. I had the brilliant (??) idea yesterday to get as many people as I can, the more random the better, to call and wish him a happy birthday. It's especially good if you don't know him very well. He probably won't even pick up the phone because he won't recognize your phone number anyway, but a quick message would be awesome.

I'm thinking just "Hey Former Roommate the Good, it's Jane Doe...I'm Stew's (friend, sister, mom, whatever), and I just wanted to say Happy 30th birthday!"

Obviously he'll know some of you; in that case just a Hey
Former Roommate the Good, it's _______! Happy birthday!

Anyway, his phone number is (Bla)-Bla-Blah.

If you'd rather email, it's
Former Roommate the