Thursday, November 1, 2007

Don't kiss me!

Not strep. Probably not flu (they didn't have the tests in yet for this season).

It's either

a) Random Nasty Virus


b) Mono.

I tested negative for mono in a quick test today, but the doctor wasn't convinced. Apparently it won't show a positive test for at least a week after the beginning of symptoms. It's only been ~5-6 days so far for me.

So they did a much more in-depth blood screening and I've got an appointment next week to check in.

I had mono in high school, though, and not a mild case of it, either. You're not supposed to be able to get it twice, I thought. I told the doctor I'd had a bad case of mono before, but I didn't ask her more specifically about why she thought I could get it again.

My gut says mono.
My head says other virus.
My body says "Oops. you've been awake more than 3 hours. Not allowed."