Friday, September 7, 2007


Tomorrow I have a first date that seems very promising. I discussed it a bit with Marc, and he sent me this graphic in response.

With this particular guy (who knows very well I'm "lastewie" to some, so OMG what if he's seeing this??) I sense we're up to the second pink box, having inverted it and the step before it. I'm not so sure the "getting laid" step is the next one. In fact, I'm damn sure it's not.

I know this graphic is meant to be all cynical and shit. Call me naive, but I'm in more of a "wheeeeeeeeeeee!" phase. We've interacted a lot, over IM, mostly. Admissions of blushing and smiling and active flirting have happened, and we've even touched on deep thoughts and values.

I'd change this graphic a bit to add in the ups of dating, too. What a rollercoaster.

This is fun.

There's a big part of me, of course, that is stuck in the "embarrassing moments of vulnerability" stage as well.