Friday, September 14, 2007


There are a lot of good things in life, but one of the finest, simplest pleasures is to appreciate all that is around you in the moment that you're in it.

This morning I stopped off on a whim to Whole Paycheck to have breakfast. I was running early, and a slow cup of coffee outside was in the cards. I sat outside with my protein and fat-filled breakfast (lunch skipping, anyone?), and soaked up the atmosphere.

Two women approached, each with a stroller. One had a dog with a nylon head lead--a golden mix. I always wonder what those leads are for. They're not muzzles.

The baby I could see was sweet and zoned out. The dog was a lovey-lou who was dying for me to snorgle her. The food was just sublime, as was the coffee. There were birdies to watch, people to see, and for 15 minutes I was overcome with the presence of a beautiful morning.