Thursday, September 13, 2007


It's cooling down FINALLY, at least today. Which reminds me that I've planted a fall garden and haven't talked about it beyond that time I was confused so about spacing and my tiny plot.

Planting happened a couple of weeks ago; I spent one Saturday scooping the sawdust mulch off of the area where the cukes had been and prepping the soil. I had purchased many a Brassica, swapped some with Maria, and ended up planting the following:

4 Red cabbages
2 Brussels sprouts
2 Broccoli of some variety I can't remember
2 Broccoli of another variety
2 Cauliflower
1 sq foot (approx) of Red Globe radishes
1 sq foot (approx) of French Breakfast radishes
2-3 sq feet of carrots
3 sq feet of various greens, from a "Mesclun" seed packet. So far I recognize arugula (rocket for those Brits who read) and kale. There's probably one lettuce of some kind. Maybe freckled.
Green onions? I put them somewhere and didn't label them. Oops.
2 sq feet of beets
One fall tomato plant (no big hopes, though)
Lettuce, maybe one head of, interestingly, the Grand Rapids variety. (Western MI represent!)

I have some good local garlic that I'll plant somewhere out of the way, since it takes something like 150 days until harvest. Jesus.

As to summer crops, I've still got jalapenos and, like, one sweet pepper that might make it. Soon I'll rip all that out. I have only one sad summer tomato plant hanging on. It was my favorite this year (Pink Beefsteak), for both flavor and volume of output. Mr. Stripey was annoying in that it decided that it wanted to be tasty for worms. I brought a traveler back to MI with me, much to my family's annoyance. Since then pretty much all of the cute, yellow and red tomatoes have been one, internal rotten spot.

Yeah, this is as good a place as any to do a tomato variety recap.
Indian Stripe: very yummy, but didn't really produce.
Pink Beefsteak: Love love love love love love.
Extreme Bush: Nasty, sour, thick skinned.
Mr. Stripey: Meh.

Next year I want to plant more red slicers.

I also want some normal peppers. This year mine essentially sucked. The frigitellos are cute and all, but not enough output. I accidentally planted only two sweet peppers and 7 spicy. Reverse that next year, mmmkay?

MORE MELONS! I bet I can buy some potting soil, cut an X in the bag and plant a melon in there and put it in the front or side yard. RIGHT ON.

I'm bored with writing this, so I'm going to stop now.