Monday, July 16, 2007

Various and sundry items of interest (not!)

I was outside for 12 minutes this evening. I came in with 15 new mosquito bites. I've got dual treatment going on: hydrocortisone topically, and loretadine down the hatch.

Big Lots, which I've mentioned before as a favorite shopping excursion, provided me with a semi-permanent eyelash tint that is as disturbing as it is fascinating. I thought it would be kind of like hair dye, but it more resembles mascara. Clumpy, if you're not careful. But I'll be damned if it doesn't just stay on for a week or more. No flaking, no raccoon's just there. Pretty damned cool. Of course once I run out, I doubt I'll be able to find more. Eh, that's the breaks.

I've been eating about 75% local, which surprises me. It's so much easier when you don't have the lack-of-income issue and it's summer. The biggest change, by far, though, is the garden. It's SO convenient. I'm a little pissy that I don't have more tomatoes though. I've been eating about .5 to .75 lbs a day, but could easily double that. I'm supplementing with farmer's market tomatoes. I've got my pink beefsteaks ripening, and other than that I'm practically tomato-less. GAH!

My compost is looking more like dirt with every flip. Rowr.