Sunday, July 29, 2007

One Local Summer Week Six

We're halfway through, huh?

It's the top of the summer, and so there's lots to be had out there for local eats. I've noticed that I'm eating much better food and more local than not. This is just the level of non-stressful goal that I succeed with, this One Local Summer project.

My foray into canning tomatoes today has left me, oh, limp as a rag. So no fancy several course meals are on the horizon this week.

I'm too exhausted even to have taken pictures. Here. Enjoy the Maola logo instead.

This is a Sunday Dinner meal. Did you have those? They're mid-afternoon and usually the only meal of the day? Yeah. That's what I did today. Only it wasn't organized.

(Can you tell I'm hungover? I make no sense.)

Sunday Dinner, One Local Summer Style:

Baba Ganoush made from blackened local eggplants (I didn't pay attention to which farm I used!), local garlic, non-local tahini, and salt and a teense of citric acid (leftover from canning).
I ate it hot and straight from the blender. Holy shit was it good. Num Num.
Tomatoes. I ate these as I canned. Lots of them.
Maola chocolate ice-cream from the container. Just enough to satisfy my sweets craving.

Time for a nap. Yawn.