Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One Local Summer

A blog-friend of Jamie's, Liz, does this "thing" that's like the Eat Local Challenges I've done in the past. It's called One Local Summer. One dinner a week, all local, all summer.

I signed up, seeing as I have a garden and all. Easy peasy.

:::blows on knuckles and polishes on chest:::
However, Liz has had a HUGE turnout of people signing up. Too many for her alone, and even too many for her regional delegates to keep track of. So I barely BARELY squeaked in under the deadline.

I offered to give up my spot, if only because my eating habits don't lend themselves to meals so much as three-ingredient-or-less snacks. I'll leave it up to Liz.

I'd not be changing much about what I'd normally be doing anyway.