Friday, June 22, 2007

Independent grocers

I went over to Sean's house this morning to drop off an old coffee grinder of mine he's planning to use to grind up eggshells for his worms. He lives about as close to SuperCompare as I do to Locopops, so I figured I'd gear up for One Local Summer, which begins Sunday.

I'm one of the lucky OLS-ers, with (Hey Ols! I'm an OLSer now!) easy access to locally-milled, inexpensive, widely-sold flour. So I got some more. Also, picked up some breakfast sausage. It's been a long time (years!) since I've had sausage biscuits and gravy, so that might be my first meal.

I worry about meat in any eating locally I do. I'm what I call a non-practicing vegetarian. What that means is that when I don't think about meat, I have no problem eating and enjoying it. Eating local necessarily creates some mindfulness (which is a good thing), and with meat, well, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! The veggie in me comes out. So. We'll see what happens...

This is what I picked up today:
Southern Biscuit flour, self-rising.
• Sausage. Brand? No clue. Can't remember, except that it's from NC. It's one of those paper-packaged ones.
• 2 dozen eggs
Mount Olive Sweet Gherkins
• Canned tomatoes with vidalia onions
Anne's dumplings
• Anne's Chicken base
Maola ice-cream sammies
Maola chocolate ice cream (pint)
Maola butter pecan ice cream (pint)
Maola Vitamin D Milk (just a quart. I've got raw coming!)
• Blueberries
• A sweet potato

Supercompare really carries quite a variety of local foods, but not the micro-local ones. You've got to go to Whole Foods (or the dairy itself...Whole Foods is closer for me) for extremely local dairy. A farmer's market (or CSA subscription) is the only place to reliably pick up stuff from closer than 100 miles.