Friday, April 6, 2007


•I bought a florid housecoat at Rose's, which I am currently wearing, despite it being ass-cold out. Now I just need some curlers and a scarf. My other purchases included 2 black and 2 gray men's "A-shirts" and generic Benedryl. Emily threatened to buy me a striped, terrycloth, sleeveless romper. I actually wanted it, and I would have bought it if only they had my size. :-(

•I will consume oodles of home-grown asparagus (Maria's) soon.

•I had two lifer birds today, one by sight (Louisiana Waterthrush), one by sound (Eastern Screech Owl).

•When I went over to Emily's house after a nice long walk at Maria's, Emily fed me. She feeds me well. I had her leftover Chicken Tikka Masala and some flourless chocolate cake from Passover. (Drool)

•The baby that screamed all night when I babysat did the same thing for his parents for a week straight after breaking me in. I saw him again today for the first time since then, and he pretended he had never cried in my arms until almost puking. Damn flirt.

•I repotted my Indian Stripe tomatoes today, burying their skinny little stalks way down deep in the starter soil. Roots will grow from those stalks, making for a healthy beginning.

•My doctor talked gardening with me on Thursday morning after diagnosing me Extremely Not Crazy. $200 is a hefty sum to pay to find out that you should plant your squash in the corners of the beds and let them trail on the lawn for space-maximization (I think I may have made up that word...lemme check. Nope. But it does sound made up.) It's good advice nonetheless.

•I'm being dined (but not wined) tomorrow a.m. by the local ACLU, who seem to think I have clout in this town. Buah ha ha. I already told them I have neither influence on bigwigs nor interest in taking on a cause, but they offered brunch anyway. I made the boundary clear, but I'm still worried I'll end up volunteering for something. Sigh.

•I'm planning on going roller skating (<----that link is worth clicking if only for the music) on Sunday night with JeniQ.