Sunday, March 11, 2007

March forward (p.s. lots of photos)

Screw the cost, this is FUN!

Yesterday I sawed the wood. Today I assembled and joined one of the two beds I plan to make for the garden.

Things I learned:
•Friction causes things to be hot
•Drill bits can melt
•Knots in wood are hard and resist drills
•You can buy an adapter to turn your drill into a power screwdriver
•Drills can go in reverse if you need to take out a screw.
•Even if your wood is warped you can still make the last joining (relatively) square
•Wood is heavy
•I need to find a couple of people to get this thing down to the yard.

•Some gnomes are assholes

•Some gnomes help carry around your seedlings


•Mid-March is when the camellias open up

Not least...

•There are OLD remnants of past residents here. (There didn't used to be a wall abutting that group)

•Quality topsoil costs $25/square yard. Compost $35/square yard. I need three yards. Delivery (around the 1/2 mile) is $25. Hm. Maybe NOT screw the cost. What the HECK?? (But LOOK!! Peas and homemade compost!)

Just for Jamie:

My lawn feeds bees, too.

And finally...

THERE IS A MYSTERY!!!! Who left all these tufts in my driveway? It's fur, but I can't tell if it's rabbit or cat (I'm hoping for the latter, I'm embarrassed to say! [They crap in the garden and kill birds, whattya want? I'm all about INDOOR cats])

What happened? There's no corpse. Hm...