Friday, March 16, 2007

Is it smart shopping if you don't technically NEED something?

There's something really nice about a good thrift store. I've got a new favorite near my office; I've always liked it., but now it's not 30 minutes out of the way. Target funnels all their overstock to this store, and the people who shop there don't seem to want the same things I do.

A couple of weeks ago I got tennis (new) and racquetball rackets for $6 total.

Today I got these for $10. New. Bow down to my thrifting skillz.

Yesterday I finished my second garden bed. My tomatoes and basil have all germinated. It's almost time to thin the peas. I've got some soil ready to be delivered. I just need a day's notice and $100, and I'll have myself three cubic yards of a rich, black mix of 1/2 topsoil and 1/2 compost. That'll make for good eating.

I've started making big plans for Jamie's visit, but I won't bore you with those (yet...heh). I'm hoping she brings a dog.