Friday, March 2, 2007


I want SO BADLY to talk about this neat thing I'm doing for work. Let's see if I can scoot around possible search engine terms. Consider it a game!

I work with people 10-23 in general. Specifically the group I work with most often is 14-18. Those people and I are going on a trip lasting less than a day next week. We're going to the city to talk to some people who make lots of important decisions for the state.

Every so often, residents choose these people who make lots of decisions to work for them. One of the chosen people who is in the city making decisions has decided to throw out an idea, formally, that relates to the sector of ages of people that I work with. Currently, this age range that I work with can care for their body and mind in some specific ways that the people who caused them to come into being wouldn't necessarily like, were they to find out. They can't find out now, because the other people, the ones chosen to make decisions in the state's city, have until now realized that it is a bad idea to risk even worse problems.

So this one chosen guy put forth the suggestion that the state change that rule, allowing the people who caused my group and their cohort to come into being to know about private information about my group and their cohort.

The group and I are going to go talk to the chosen people about why that's a Bad. Idea.

So cool.

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