Monday, February 19, 2007

You know I knew, right?

I keep feeling slightly freaked out that y'all may have thought I didn't know that the answer is deep-seated. That's my fault, considering how I wrote it the entry. I have no idea why I care, either. I mean, *I* know I knew. My inherent goodness doesn't rest on whether I knew it or not or on what others think.

Maybe I'm just overly tired today. After all, I DID go tent-camping by myself (so no bodyheat for sharing!) yesterday. Last night it got down to 18º (-8ºC) , the park ranger told me this morning. My sleeping bag is rated for 15º (-9.5ºC).


I slept, I really did. I also woke up a lot. Believe you me I came prepared for cold. I had on lotsa layers everywhere I could.

Head: black hat, green hat over it
Neck: Pink stripy scarf, purple flecked knit scarf (thanks, SeaStar*!)
Torso: tank, long underwear, cashmere sweater, large wool army sweater
Legs: Black long underwear, white long underwear, jeans (oh, and panties, of course.)
Feet: Short wool socks, long wool socks, sheepskin boots

I also brought a wool afghan and of course, the down jacket Pinky gave me. The afghan was a good buffer between the cold ground and the bag. I kept the jacket inside the tent, but outside of the bag. That way, see, I could hold out hope that if it got REALLY bad I'd have something else to keep me warm. Mind you, there was also the car in a pinch.

I went thinking that if it got too cold I'd be able to just take off and go home. But they LOCK YOU IN!

My contacts froze in their saline solution. They were inside the car.

Oh I need a nap. Yes I do.

*One of the MANY nicknames for my sister.