Monday, June 13, 2011

Yesteday was TOO low key! I ended up messing up the kitchen terribly, so that will have to be on the to-do list today. Also, putting my suitcases up in the attic has proven to be difficult. I have some kind of block about it. So I'll make sure to do that first thing.

I harvested 16 heads of garlic yesterday. YAY! I have them set up on a table with a fan blowing over them to cure them as best as possible. Last year I bought two heads from the farmer's market with the express purpose of using them for seed, but they went bad.

My garden in general though is sad sad sad. It's basically 95% weeds with a few scraggly tomato plants that I haven't even tied up yet. This is partially because I'm overwhelmed with it, partially because I have had a hard time motivating, and partially because I screwed up my back about a month ago.

So on to today's to-do list:

• Put suitcases up in attic.
• Clean kitchen: load dishes, do dishes, clean counters, clear off table.
• Make at least one pass through the den, with the express purpose of putting things away that already have a place. I'm going to feel free to leave the things that I don't know where they go.
• Renew library materials or return them.
••••Find something with interpersonal interaction to do today!••••