Saturday, January 20, 2007

Three FOUR things

1. Whee! I THINK...

2. I want to take a photo of my hot mailman. He knocked at the door today. I was not very presentable.

3. Why am I non-stop licking and biting skin off of my lower lip today? I hate that shit. Any cures? (Am currently trying lipstick, on the premise that I won't lick my lips if I want to keep the lipstick on)

4. Evil Woman, by ELO, is an example of a song that has cowbell. Considering I only learned the origin of the expression "needs more cowbell" in the last couple of months, it doesn't surprise me that I hadn't paid attention to cowbell before. So in addition to Don't Fear the Reaper, can you think of other songs that feature cowbell? Sounds like it could be a good mixtape.

Here you go: